Ludovic BEIER Trio

October 6, 2022

A for Accordion
B for Beier
C for conviviality !

VLA is back for a new season!

What a start! Ludovic Beier is not an accordionisLudovic Beier is not an accordionist who just plays jazz music. No, he is a real jazzman, a pure swingman, who uses the accordion to “speak the language of jazz”.

No, he is a real jazzman, a pure swingman, who plays the accordion to “speak the language of jazz”. It is difficult to define this music, originally marked by gypsy jazz, and which is part of Django’s heritage. Ludovic Beier claims to be a “gypsy swing” musician, a repertoire that serves as ferment for new influences and makes his instrument vibrate with the whole range of world music. The accordion? A universal instrument, he says, that can be found in all countries of the world, and in all types of music. The one who talks about music in terms of language and culture, offers us a crossbred and solar music. 

The trio that he composes with the guitarist Doudou Cuillerier and the double bass player Antonio Licusati, becomes  an exploration playground,  favourable to the improvisation of a melodious and harmonic jazz, which alternates between energetic pieces of a great virtuosity, and more sober and melodic passages. “Virtuosity? We use it to be able to play slower”, he says half-seriously, half-amused, as a seasoned musician to whom maturity allows everything. 

Back from a concert in Seattle, and before taking off again for a tour in the USA (New York and California), Ludovic Beier is delighted to land on the Tarmac of Le Vésinet.

Don’t miss this rare evening! This time, the VLA season is well underway! It’s going to be masterful! Let’s spread the word!